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Moms Touch - Fried Chicken, Tenders, Cajun Wings, Sweet Chill(Pd No. : 3087589)

(Updated : 07/03/2017)
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Model Nm Mom’s Touch
HS CODE 000000
Keywords Food, Franchise, Franchisee, Chicken, Burger, Chicken Burger, Korea
Seller ID yoony1989
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Why Mom’s Touch is loved.



1) Literally, Mom’s Touch


    As if a mother prepares a meal for her family, we use fresh, locally  sourced   ingredients. In addition, we hand-batter and hand-bread every piece of our chicken in   back of house.



2) Value for Money


    A representative keyword of Mom’s Touch. We always try to offer maximum satisfaction and value more than money spent by customers. This is why we have a number of loyal customers



3) Made to Order


    At Mom’s Touch, our Made to Order Pledge is at the core of our approach to dining services. Even though we seems a fast food restaurant, we pursue better-for-you fast food.


4) Real Chicken


   We marinate chicken with our own special blend of seasonings by a vacuum tumbler for a tender and juicy taste. Always keep fresh and never ever frozen chicken makes a difference



(1) Burger                                       

 1.  Ricotta & Salad Fillet Burger             

 2.  White Garlic Burger                       

 3.  Spicy Thigh Burger                       

 4.  Thigh Burger

 5.  Fillet Burger

 6.  Ham-Cheese Fillet Burger

 7.  Jalapeno Thigh Burger

 8.  Jalapeno Fillet Burger

 9.  Hot Plus Thigh Burger

10.  Hot Plus Fillet Burger

11.  Bulgogi Burger

12.  Deluxe Bulgogi Burger

13.  Spicy Bulgogi Burger

14. Spicy Deluxe Bulgogi Burger

15. Shrimp Burger

16. Bulgalbi Chicken Burger.



 1.  Fried Chicken with Sichuan Sauce

 2.  Tender with Sichuan Sauce

 3.  Wing with Sichuan Sauce

 4.  Flake Garlic Chicken

 5.  Flake Hot Chicken

 6.  Boneless Chicken Breasts Sprinkled With Seasoning
     (Onion Cheese / Hot Chili)

 7.  Fried Chicken Sprinkled With Seasoning

     (Onion Cheese / Hot Chili)

 8.  Boneless Chicken Breasts

 9.  Fried Tong Chicken

10. Fried Chicken

11. Spicy Fried Tong Chicken

12. Spicy Fried Chicken

13. Fried Chicken With Sauce

14. Fried Chicken With Green Onion

15. Fried Drumsticks Set

16. Half And Half Chicken(Fried And Sauce)

17. Teriyaki Chicken

18. Teriyaki Wing

19. Fried Tong Chicken With Grain Syrup

20. Cajun Wing

21. Fried Chicken Gang jung

22. Boneless Chicken Breasts Gang jung

23. Jalapeno Nugget


(3) Side Menu

 1.  Spicy Fried Roll + Rice Cake Gang jung+Popcorn Dumpling

 2.  Fry Wrap(Hot Chili / Jalapeno)

 3.  Fillet Wrap

 4.  Popcorn Dumpling

 5.  Popcorn Dumpling

    (Onion Cheese / Hot Chili)

 6.  Popcorn Ball

 7.  Cheese Ball

 8.  Sweet Potato Cheese Ball

 9.  Cajun French Fries

10. Cheese Sticks

11. Tenderloin

12. Ricotta Salad

13. Mango Lime Salad

14. Chicken Salad

15. Corn Salad

16. Coke/Cider

17. Orange Juice

18. Ade(Peach, Grape frutis, Mango, Green Grape)

19. Herb Peach Tea

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Contact Person Jiyoony Jeong
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Tel 02-2184-2896 Fax 02-2184-2876
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Employees unknown

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